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Difference in styles:

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Martial Arts Part I: The difference between styles

Fun fact about me: I've been doing taekwondo since I was four years old. In saying that, that brought me to the quest of discovering the origins of this particular martial art, and how it has evolved over time. I'm going to make this a 3 part series. I hope you enjoy!

Your first, or instinctual response when you hear of a martial art is probably to think of the style of karate. The first image in your mind is probably of Daniel LaRusso, holding his arms above his head, wrists bent, one leg raised and the other bent while Johnny Lawrence lunges towards him and LaRusso's foot meets Lawrence's face. While you may think the crane kick is the best martial kick, sorry to tell you, literally nobody actually uses it in a tournament. But going off of that while many martial arts share similar disciplines, the physical styles are different. Karate is more hand on hand combat while taekwondo incorporates the use of both your hands and legs. While kicks are still allowed in karate, taekwondo seems to balance the use of all four limbs. Another style is jiu-jitsu which is kinda about bringing your opponent to the ground in a nutshell. All in all, these different styles also come from different backgrounds with taekwondo coming from a Korean origin, karate coming from a east asian, Japanese origin, and jiujitsu coming from a Japanese, and later more common Brazilian origin. Stay tuned for part II.

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