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History of Taekwondo:

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Martial Arts Part II: The History of Taekwondo

Although i've dabbled in other styles, with taekwondo being my main martial art, I wanted to focus on it's history and how it grew in popularity over the years. It all started in Korea...

Taekwondo uses both hands, and feet, yet it's foot movements and kicks are more intricate. Martial arts seemed to originate as a reaction to east asian imperialism, and modernity. Taekwondo itself means the "art of hand and foot fighting." It was created after World War II as a form of self defense, and has multiple organizations behind it today such as ATA, the American Taekwondo Association, WT, the World Taekwondo (Federation), and the AAU of taekwondo. The sport is "constantly evolving" and gettting more competitive. Future generations of fighters are ready to compete, and to spread the joy of taekwondo!

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