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Does WWE count as a Martial Arts?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The Simple answer? Yes and no. Okay so maybe it's not a very simple answer.

WWE (or World Wrestling Entertainment) is one of the most watched sports events. Broadcasting "to more than 180 countries in 30 languages and can be seen in 1 billion television households worldwide each week (WWE)." It also has about 11 million fans in the United States alone. While the "realness" of WWE is widely disputed, it still has a wide range of viewers as well as competitors.

So how is it related to martial arts even though its wrestling?

Well, any sort of combative sport does have roots in martial arts. From learning how to strike or block (no matter how dramatized), there are certain connections. For example, Brazilian Juijitsu, Muy Thai, and Kickboxing are extremely prevalent in the WWE. Daniel Bryan, is a retired wrestler in the WWE, and began as a martial artist practicing Brazilian Jiujistu. He even implemented a Jiujitsu move as one of his signature moves! He still practices Jiujitsu today, even though he has retired from the WWE.

WWE is definitely not your traditional martial art, but its roots in the sport are clear and are there. As a martial artist, I personally would not be able to be a WWE wrestler, its just not the way I was trained. But, using certain techniques, or coming from an MMA background can most certainly be a key advantage in the wrestling world.


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