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Opinion: Breaking Down Cobra Kai as a Martial Artist

This opinion may be a bit controversial. You have been warned.

Okay, initial thoughts. Do I really like Cobra Kai? Yes, yes I do. Do I think that watching them fight was a little cringey? Yes, yes I do.

Watching Cobra Kai was a really fun experience. Seeing Martial Arts as a main sport on a highly watched platform such as Netflix is honestly amazing. I was so glad that martial arts was getting the representation it deserved. With that being said, I did have some issues with the techniques performed by the actors.

Obviously, I am aware that none of these actors have actual martial arts experience. Unfortunately, it is fairly obvious in their technique as well. For me, watching some of the fight scenes honestly made me cringe, or even watching stand alone techniques. For example, watching Sam LaRusso do a kick was incredibly hard to watch. This is obviously in no hate to the actress, Mary Mouser, who did an amazing job on the show. But from a traditional martial arts perspective, and someone who competes mostly in Poomsae, or forms, here's some things that I found could have been improved upon.

In this kick demonstrated, she does not have a full pivot, and her hip is forward, causing for the kick to not be in line with the rest of her body. Her hands could also be a bit tighter, so that she could effectively block, and keep her balance.

These critiques may seem nit-picky, but in a real life competition, there would be multiple point deductions for a kick like this!

Another scene that was hard to watch was Demetri performing the weapon of the Kamas.

Again, this is going to be nit-picky.

His cutting strikes with the kamas appear to be short. The strikes should go from one shoulder to the other in the cutting motion. The way they are demonstrated makes the strike look more weak, and would not "cut" in a practical standpoint.

Again, this post is in no hate to the show or actors! I personally love it, and some actors are actually not bad. This is all my opinion, and people can definitely disagree with me!

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