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Teaching TKD in TJ

This past month, I was able to teach some Taekwondo basics to some kids in Tijuana to show them some self-defense moves. I used these moves to show some of these kids the best way to approach different situations based on their attacker, their surroundings, or all of the above!

First, we talked about prevention and how the best way to stay safe is to be aware. Being aware is a sign to a potential attacker that you are not a person who should be messed with. Looking confident and acting confident is a sign that if someone tries to mess with you, you won't go down without a fight.

Next, we talked about setting boundaries. These could be physical boundaries or boundaries that are said to ward off someone's advances. Communication is key, especially when it comes to personal comfort levels.

After that, we got into the fun stuff. I taught the kids the proper way to punch, meaning thumbs on the outside and fists tight. Twisting your fist at the last minute instead of putting out a limp punch will also pack more power.

We then went over certain scenarios, such as if you are getting choked, attacked from behind, taken, etc.

With all of this being said, something that I made sure to emphasize was that fighting is NOT the answer. If given the opportunity to run away or escape, TAKE IT. The more engagement there is, the worse it could potentially be. Be aware, be safe, and most importantly if needed, stand your ground.

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