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The time I tried Ballet as a Martial Artist:

Story Time!

One day, my friend and I got into a bet where we would switch sports for the day. She went to try taekwondo, and I attended one of her dance classes. Needless to say, it was obviously completely different. During that hour class I learned that although I could kick high in taekwondo, and am a pretty flexible athlete, the muscles used to lift your legs are completely different in ballet than they are in taekwondo - or at least it felt that way, because I was very sore the next day. While both sports require lots of core and leg strength, I found that in my short time of doing ballet, my calf muscles felt more sore. This is because when pointing in ballet, the floor is used as resistance, as opposed to being flat footed while kicking in taekwondo. To kick in taekwondo, it requires more strength in your quads, abductor muscles, and hamstrings. The points of pressure are different furthering the divide between dance and martial arts. Doing a ballet class also made me realize the difference in movement. Martial arts being more explosive in nature made me a not so graceful dancer. So when people tell me that I should have done dance, I simply laugh, and tell them this story.

On another note, I went lowkey viral for this tiktok trend that was originally a ballet trend, that I put my own personal twist on. Enjoy!

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